PVC-High-Speed Door

Intended applications

PVC High Speed Doors can be used:

as inside door to separate rooms and temperatures with at the same time high transparency (view areas)

for materials handling as well as for assembly lines with integrated safety end-position scan (optional)

specially designed models, high-grade steel in areas where hygiene regulations must be observed.

as transport gates or access controls in areas for goods / food

specially designed models, high-grade steel in areas where hygiene regulations must be observed.

as a safety device in machine areas (machines/ operator protection gate)

Constructional features

The construction of the door is based on a modular design principle with many different combinational variations which can be adapted to special customer requests.

Starting from material options for the guide rails and the optional bales- casing, motor- and side- cladding and covering of the surfaces as well as the material choice for the hangings and special constructions when there is no standard need of space.

Drive unit

The drives are constructed as shaft-mounted geared motors with integrated certified safety catch. The opening -/ closing speed is approximately. 1.2 / 0.6 m / sec. Depending on the size and version of the panels the door contains a counterbalance running against the Roller direction of the panels which relieves the drive (see tables door sizes / hangings).

Manual operation

In the event of power failures or faults the hangings can be moved manually by an emergency crank handle.

Safety features

The door complies with the requirements of the workplace regulations, the UVV (German accident prevention regulations) and the harmonized CE directives including the product standard EN 13241-1. According to the guidelines a safety guard is required, for example casing of bales up to a clearance height of 2,5 m.

Danger warnings

The safety features of the doors are designed in accordance with the harmonised CE directives and product standards for power-operated gates. Taking the respective local conditions into consideration additional safety devices and trigger contacts beyond these standards can be reasonable or necessary especially for manual operation. Furthermore, difficult environmental conditions may influence the choice of the appropriate door. In those individual cases we recommend the competent advisory service of our field sales staff.


According to size and version of the hangings there are two different controllers:

Control 1: Frequency converter control withfoil key button and integrated

7-segment display on the board

ISO case (insulated enclosure 180 x 300 x 120 mm)

completely wired, IP 54

Supply voltage: 230 V, 50 60Hz

Feed cable: 3 x 1.5
Fuse: 16 Ampere
Connector: 3-pin CE plug.

Control 2: Frequency converter withFoil key button and integrated LCD monitor in top cover and EMERGENCY STOP button

ISO-case (300 x 400 x 100 mm)

completely wired, IP 54

Supply voltage: 400 V 50. 60 Hz
Feed cable: 5 x 2.5
Fuse: 16 Ampere
Connector: 5-pin CEE plug

Door hangings

As with the construction you can also choose among various different models and colours of hangings depending on the application.
The standard version is based on a 1.2 mm and reinforced antistatic PVC material in the standard colours

orange (similar to RAL 2004)
red (similar to RAL 3002)
blue (similar to RAL 5010)
gray (similar to RAL 7037)

On customer's request integrated horizontally running fields of vision consist of 2 mm transparent PVC. The height of the fields of vision is generally about 950 mm. The arrangement of the individual fields of vision (approximately every 1000 mm) can be made according to customer requirements. (see tables hangings). All hangings have horizontal integrated wind braces in a height of about 1050 mm. At the respective ends of the safety device are two precision grooved ball bearings, which turn against the guide rails at a wind load. Due to the construction of the rails and the wind safety devices a rolling up of the hangings can be also carried out at wind loads. In the event of stronger wind loads the number of wind braces can be doubled so that the distance is about 500 mm.

PVC-High-Speed Doors

PVC-High-Speed Doors