Tilt Doors

Intended applications 

Not swivelling-out tilt doors can be used as underground parking gates:

  • when high ventilation shafts are required
  • when there is a direct abutment at the curbstone
  • with high frequency
  • by versions looking like facade
  • for emergency exits (door in door slat with panic lock) 


Constructional features 

The construction of the door is based on a modular design principle with many different combinational variations which can be adapted to special customer requests starting from material options (steel or aluminium) as well as surfaces to special constructions. 


Drive unit 

The drives are constructed as shaft-mounted geared motors.

The opening / closing speed is approximately 0,15 / 0,15 m / min.

The drive is placed in the front at the lintel and needs a side place of 300 mm.

With not enough side space at the lintel, the drive unit can be placed back behind the sliding rails (special constructions on request).


Manual operation 

In the event of a power failure or faults the door leaf can be moved manually by an emergency crank handle. There is a contact switch on the drive unit in the emergency crank handle inlet to prevent simultaneous electrical operation.


Safety features

The door complies with the requirements of the workplace regulations, the UVV (German accident prevention regulations) and the harmonised CE directives including the product standard EN 13241-1.


Danger warnings

The safety features of the doors are designed in accordance with the harmonised CE directives and product standards for power-operated gates. Taking the respective local conditions into consideration additional safety devices and trigger contacts beyond these standards can be reasonable or necessary – especially for manual operation. Furthermore, difficult environmental conditions may influence the choice of the appropriate door. In those individual cases we recommend the competent advisory service of our field sales staff.


Door leaf versions 

Steel profile frame: This is a solid, galvanised door frame made of steel profile tubes which is hot-dip galvanised. Standard version consists of rectangular profiles 30 x 15 mm in distances of 100-120 mm. Optional version with aluminium perforated plates riveted on from outside.  

Aluminium profile frame: It consists of aluminium hollow profile frame, the single profiles of which are bolt together. The surface of the profile is anodised. The standard version consists of square profiles of 20 mm in distances of 100-120 mm. Optional different versions with perforated plates are available, the aluminium perforated plates being fixed with glazing beads between the aluminium profiles from inside. Both versions are available with surface coating in RAL/DB-colours for an extra charge. Special designs concerning the filling of door leaf at request.


Steel / Aluminium Tilt Doors

Steel / Aluminium Tilt Doors