Roller Grilles

Technical data sheet 

Roller grille doors offer maximum ventilation shaft

They are very quiet due to the design of the connectors

Roller grille doors are subject to little wear due to PVC inlays in the guide rails


Intended applications

Roller grilles can be used:

• to secure entrance areas of shops and their display windows

• to separate shopping malls and shop areas from each other

• for partitions where a maximum ventilation shaft is required

• as entrances and exits for underground garages with

panel boxes as external rollers


Constructional features

The door hangings consist of individual extruded profiles and connectors which are joined to form a continuous panel. The complete door structure is self-supporting to a large extent and requires only a few fixing points. Due to the special construction of the connectors and their special design in the bottom part of the panel, the roller grille is secured against being pushed up.



400 V drive unit: The controller in the ISO housing (300 x 300 x 100 mm) is completely wired.

Supply lead: 5 x 2,5 °

Fuse: 16 ampere

Connector: 16 ampere CEE plug

230 V drive unit: The controller in the ISO housing (250 x 220 x 100 mm) is completely wired.

Supply lead: 4 x1,5°

Fuse: 10 ampere

Connector: Earthed pin plug


Manual operation

In the event of a power failure or faults the roller grille can be moved manually using an emergency crank handle. There is a contact switch on the 400 V drive unit in the emergency crank handle inlet to prevent simultaneous electrical operation.


Safety features

The door complies with the requirements of the workplace regulations, the UVV (German accident prevention regulations) and the harmonised CE directives including the product standard EN 13241-1.


Danger warnings

The safety features of the door are designed in accordance with the harmonised CE directives and product standards for power-operated gates. Taking the respective local conditions into consideration as a supplement to these standards, additional safety devices and pulse generators can be required – especially for manual operation. Furthermore, difficult environmental conditions may influence the choice of the appropriate door. In those individual cases we recommend the competent advisory service of our field sales staff. 


Drive unit

The drive unit is a shaft-mounted geared motor for 400V three-phase current with integrated certified safety catch. The lifting speed amounts to approximately 10-12 cm/sec.


Alternative drive unit

This involves a highly responsive tubular motor for 230V alternating current. On the opposite side of the drive unit there is TÜV-tested, corrosion-proofed, maintenance- and wear-free safety gear. The lifting speed is approximately 10-12 cm/sec. 


Door hangings

The roller grille curtain consists of extruded transverse struts (tubular section), which are connected with each other by connectors (solid material 20 x 7 mm) at 85 mm distances. The panel does not contain any screws, has a high tensile strength and is triple secured, does not have any bent together hinges and is made from AL MG SI 05 F22 (for precise arrangement of the connectors please refer to page 5). The guide rails of the roller grille are made from the same material and have continuous PVC inlays on both insides. They are dimensioned according to the door size (Type A 70 / A100).

Typ -K- Aluminium

Typ -K- Aluminium

Typ -W- Steel galvanized

Typ -W- Steel galvanized

Typ -M- Aluminium

Typ -M- Aluminium