Roller Shutter

Technical data sheet

Minimum space requirement in the lintel area and minimum depth

requirement relative to the size of the door

Depending on the shutter slat design, door sizes: Height up to 12 m / width up to 12 m

Depending on the shutter slat design, high-strength classes (bullet-proof)

Depending on the shutter slat design, highly transparent due to window slats

Insulated roller shutter door: Minimised energy and heat loss

High wind-load resistance 


Intended applications

Roller Doors can be used according to the shutter design:

· as interior doors to separate rooms and climates

· as exterior doors with high burglary prevention

· special designed models high-quality steel / aluminium in areas with special requirements

· as protection device in machine areas ( protection for machines and persons)



Constructional features

The construction of the door is based on a modular design principle with many different combinational variations which can be adapted to special customer requests. Starting from material options for the guide rails and the shutter slats and their surfaces up to special constructions  when there is no standard need of space.


Drive unit

The drive unit is a shaft-mounted geared motor for 400V three-phase current with integrated certified safety catch up to defined door sizes. For larger doors a sprocket-wheel gear 400V three-phase current with external safety catch. The lifting speed is ca.10 cm/sec.


Manual operation

In the event of power failure or defects the door shutter can be moved manually with the help of an emergency crank handle. There is a contact button in the drive unit in the inlet of the emergency crank handle which prevents simultaneous electrical operation.


Safety features

The door complies with the requirements of the workplace regulations, the UVV (German accident prevention regulations) and the harmonized CE directives including the product standard EN 13241-1.


Danger warnings

The safety features of the doors are designed in accordance with the

harmonised CE directives and product standards for power-operated

gates. Taking the respective local conditions into consideration additional safety devices and trigger contacts beyond these standards can be reasonable or necessary – especially for

manual operation. Furthermore, difficult environmental conditions may influence the choice of the appropriate door. In those individual cases we recommend the competent advisory service of our field sales staff.



Different controllers are used, depending on the customer's wishes:

Standard controller:

Controller with OPEN-CLOSE button (dead man control)

EMERGENCY STOP button partly on cover

ISO housing (130 x 190 x 85 mm)

Completely wired, IP 54

Supply voltage: 400 V  50...60 Hz

Supply lead: 5 x 2,5°

Fuse: 16 ampere 

Connector: 5-pin CEE plug

Special controller possible to meet customer's specific needs




6010 / 6060

6010 / 6060

BN 77

BN 77