Sliding Doors

Cantilever sliding doors are nowadays the latest technology and have thus replaced formerly dominant sliding doors with sliding rail. This is on the one hand due to the lower susceptibility (damaged or muddy rail) and on the other hand due to the lower expenditure (substantially lower costs for foundations and installation) for a new door.

We manufacture cantilever sliding doors as a one-piece unit for up to 20 m openings, telescopic doors for openings up to 24 meters.  

The doors are usually made of steel and up to 9 m opening also of aluminium. 

The highest possible protection against corrosion is achieved by hot dip galvanizing in full bath after the mechanical manufacture. We particularly point that out because:

  1. The widely-used flame spraying galvanising does not at all protect the hollow spaces of the doors;
  2. Some pre-galvanized profiles are ground at the welded joints and then only cold-galvanised in those spots.  

Further corrosion prevention as colour coating is of course included in the delivery. 

High-quality, from fine-grained steel extracted drive profiles with precision drives form the solid foundation for a long life span and little operation forces.

As a standard door filling square bars are employed; other fillings like perforated plate, rods or fence mats are also used.

The upgrading of the doors with drives and with safety devices for "deadman” or “automatic operation" is done by us in the factory. In this upgrade only drives, controls and safety devices are employed which conform to the latest European Union standards.

Our technical staff carries out the installation, as well as the bringing into service and the instruction.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors